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This is what I was worried about

A year slips by and we don't have any new posts.

Surprises Galore

It really is surprising when you go over a script dozens of times and STILL find small typos. I think they are all gone now.

Martin and I had a good conversation today about some minor plot issues. Looks like we're in agreemenmt about how to proceed and should have these fixed in a session or two.

To blog or not to blog

Jerry and I had a scintillating discussion about what's worth blogging about. i.e. is it every scintilla of  minutiae  or mainly the major milestones like the completion of a teaser and the like. Like most things it's probably somewhere in the middle. But it's also a decision point - to share the process or only the results.

Results are the ooh-ahh moment. Gather round all ye and admire (hopefully) the product of fine minds and muscle - and cgi too.

The process on the other hand is an invitation into the hows, why's and if's. And at this moment there's no teaser to show. So welcome to the process. The bits of "genius" behind the scenes. 

We're celebrating finishing this draft and looking ahead to what's next so that we'll have a tangible thing to show. And sometimes all we'll have to show is a mental debate on what to do next. I, myself, have never raised funds for a feature film so it's going to be an interesting ride, a challenge of determination and dedication, a new trick for an old dog. We'll start with the  minutiae and keep moving forward until - ooh - ahh!

4th Draft ready to go

 Actually it's almost ready to go. We love it. Ready to go raise money. I've given it a couple extra read through's for typos. Jerry's going to do the same. Then it's time to register it with the WGA. It's not a big deal to do. It just feels like it because we waited til we feel great about the content.

We've been chipping and polishing and demolishing this script for I think 4 years. Not everyday, mind you. I think we didn't touch it for 8 months once. But it's a testament to putting one foot in front of the other, eventually you will get there. Keep walking and keep your eye on the compass. Actually the compass bit is really important. Otherwise it's as George Harrison said on his final CD "If you don't know where you're going/any road will take you there"

Next stop is the business plan, concept art, fundraising and more. 

We're going to pop open a bottle of our favorite beverage and take a pic when we do the registration.

EverLast logo

Here are a few logo treatments for EverLast. I have taken to writing EverLast in camel caps, although I have not yet talked to Martin about this. It just seems like it will help distinguish us even more from a certain boxing apparel company.

EverLast Logo treatments


You know, I should mention one of our favorite independent film forums, Martin and I can be found on there frequently. Like a family it is filled with equal parts of supportive camraderie and disfunctional loonieness. It's certainly worth a visit.

Hive of creativity

Jerry and I were ironing out some character arcs tonight. It's getting down to the details. Our actors all say their lines just as we envision them because it's at the script stage. And we had fun saying hi to filmmakers Mark Castaldo and Tim Vandesteeg whose doc My Run just won the audience award at the Austin Film Festival. Way cool. It's the inspiring story of Terry Hitchcock who ran 75 marathons in 75 days to bring awareness to the difficulties face by single parent famiilies. Narrated by Billy Bob Thornton. There's potential for a feature film version. We've got a pic to soon as I figure out how.

Here's a link to My Run, the documentary.


cool filmmaking podcasts

If you're into indie film this is a must listen. Some of the best indie filmmaking info I've found.

Crossfading into fundraising

So close. So very close. We're feeling good about letting the script out after this polish to begin the fund raising process. It's required stop on the road to production. Sort of like getting gas for your car before a big trip. Leaving on an empty tank is going to fun for the first twenty feet. Then reality will set in to underscore the importance of preparation.